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Bunjevac Harvest Festival

St. John's Day. The harvest festival Dužijanca has a tradition of more than 100 years in Subotica/Szabadka. Bunjevci, who are represented by the Croat National Council, are organizing the harvest festival Dužijanca (St. John the Baptist Day: procession, Bunjevci folklore, music). Bunjevci, who are gathered around the Bunjevac National Council, celebrating Dan Dužijance. In Sombor, the divided Bunjevac community, is celebrating together the harvest festival Dužionica. 

"Dužijanca is a specific expression of the entire set of spir­itual and material values created by the Bunjevac Croats during their history in the region." LDA Subotica 

The Whaet Harvest, Bible Land


Bunjevci Croats in Vojvodina

Dužijanca of Tavankut (2017), Vojvodina/Serbia: "The Harvest Festival Dužijanca of Tavankut took place in the Church of Jesus Christ and was held on July 23, 2017. Mass was led by the Msgr. Stjepan Beretić with the local pastor Franjo Ivanković and Msgr. Andrija Anišić, parish priest of Saint Rocco's Subotica parish. This year's bandaš and bandašica were Dragan Žarić and Martina Stantić accompanied with Luka Vuković and Sara Davčik."


Dužijanca 100th anniversary

Dužijanca 100th anniversary

Dužijanca 2011, Subotica, Serbia  


Grain of Knowledge

M.Brustulov, M. Piuković

Dan Dužijance, Subotica/Szabadka, 2015

Church of St. Roke, Subotica/Szabadka

'fala bogu, je ris je gotov', 2017

Stipan Kujundžić, Ruža Juhas

Dužijanca, Zagreb, 2018

Mowing competition, Đurđin, 2017

Dužionica, Sombor/Zombor, 2015

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