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The Bunjevac European Center is a portal for Bunjevac heritage: folklore, music, dance, linguistics, education, handicraft, art, customs, politics, costumes, gastronomy, festivals, and history.We strive for independent Bunjevac information and for sisterly and brotherly reconciliation between the Bunjevac communities. The historical background of the Bunjevci in Bosnia and Hercegovina, Croatia, Hungary, and Vojvodina/Serbia is complex. Bunjevac speech is categorized as a New-Štokavian Young Ikavian dialect of the Serbo-Croatian pluricentric language (Bosnian-Croatian-Montenegrin-Serbian: BCMS). The Bunjevac heritage is more than only folklore: it is a way of live for many people with Bunjevac ancestors.

President of the Bunjevac European Center: Dragan Y. Kostadinović , PhD.

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